Designing a Beautiful Bed

We all know that beds are the focal point to every bedroom. We spend plenty of time in our bedrooms, and we want to make sure they are inviting and cozy. We believe that following your heart when designing your bed is the key ingredient.


European Pillows are both a decorative and practical pillow that create layers and depth. Usually 25″ x 25″ They sometimes substitute a headboard.

Standard Pillows or otherwise known as your sleeping pillows- you want these to be soft and cozy to ensure quality sleep.  We love a nice linen, silk, or velvet.

Decorative Pillows will help you tie your room together. They add depth through their pattern, texture and colour. Have fun with these!

Duvet Covers are your main focal point. Fall in the love with them. Love their pattern, texture and feel. Choose something classic and beautiful. Something you see yourself having for years to come.

Sheets are an important element, they can change the feel of your room. Thread Count, type of cotton, and where they are made are all things to consider.

**Stock up on three sets of sheets.**

“This philosophy is based on the traditional bridal trousseau: one set on the bed, one set in the wash, and one set in the linen closet ‘just in case.’ You never want to be caught with an undressed bed!”

Coverlets blankets, or quilts are found at the foot of your bed layered on top of your duvet. Depending on the season, you can layer it on top of your duvet for extra warmth during the winter months, or use them on their own during the hot summer months.

Bed Skirts will hide your mattress and boxspring. You can choose from a more tailored look to a ruffly and flow one, depending on what look your going for.


For King Beds we recommend 3 European Pillows, 3 Standard Pillows, and 2 or more decorative pillows.

Two European, Two Standard and Two Decorative for Queens, and for Twin Beds pare down to one of everything.

If you make your bed beautifully you, it will last a lifetime.

Sweet dreams, loves