A Whimsy Shower for Mamma To Be

Celebrating a brand new baby is always a special time but when you add in a pretty combo of high tea and whimsical florals, it makes for a party that is unforgettable. Have a look at this dreamy celebration inspired by heirloom antiques and vintage pieces found around the home, designed and captured by Accents for Living, with florals by Cristina Kirby-Accents for Living.



A mother’s love can cross a universe and fill a galaxy with stars. 

Summertime Floral Arrangement

The Arrangement – Inspiration- Hecho in Highpoint

One part Cuba, one part Miami and equal parts flamingos, cigars, pineapples, rum and dancing. Take a look at the mood board below

One of our favorite design ideas for the décor was to use fresh fruit as our flower vases. Watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple are all perfect for designing in. They’re relatively easy to clean out, tasty to munch on while you work, and they surprisingly sit up straight on their own. As a bonus we discovered that the excess juice could be strained and served up or over ice for a refreshing cocktail that made arranging that much more fun.


Here’s the scoop on putting it all together. First slice your melon in half, discard the insides and fill with water (2 inches from the rim). You’ll want to give yourself a lot of space on the inside, so make sure to scoop out as much of the fruit as possible.  Start with two pieces of greenery and lay them on opposites sides from each other. This creates a cross and will make it a lot easier to add the rest of your flowers without them falling out. There’s nothing more annoying than watching all your flowers fall out of a shallow vase because the stems are too short, or the vase isn’t deep enough.  Next, you’ll want to add your larger flowers (Cymbidums, Peonies and Pin Cushion Protea). Try to spread the color around by placing each type of flower opposite from one another. Lastly, fill in any holes with your smaller flowers. Billy balls and thistle are the best for last minute touches.