Kitchen Lighting

Without any provocation, the Kitchen is inevitably where you will gather with those closest to you. Breakfast with your children; Coffee with your husband; Wine and conversation with your best friend.

The Kitchen is where most families spend a lot of their time, and it is important that the lighting in the space is designed just right; after all it’s only fair that the great smells of your cooking are complimented by great sights.

So we put together a few little tips and design styles to get things cooking.


Here it Goes.

All the areas of your kitchen should be well lit. Lighting directly over walkways, prep areas, sinks and cook tops are essential.

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Finishes and styles don’t always have to match. You can treat these individually.



Unique pendant lighting, to highlight areas of the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to go big.

Lighting is here to make a statement.



Make your breakfast nook lighting energizing and inviting.S



Create layering with your lighting.



Mix old with new

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Stay classic. Use traditional forms with a modern twist

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Enjoy your kitchen everyday – and most importantly, keep it clean.

Love: Accents.


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